Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that enhances our experience of the world, giving us additional information and combining it with our surroundings. It has the capability to improve the way we do many things – when shopping for furniture, we can try a new sofa in our lounge to help us understand the size. It allows us to test how a new pair of sunglasses will fit our face, just by downloading an app to our phone. If we simply want to measure the distance between two objects, there’s no more need to grab a physical ruler – AR and our mobile phone can do this without breaking a sweat.

In the world of art, Augmented Reality is allowing customers to see exactly how artwork will look on their wall and visualise how it influences their surroundings. Just by using their phone, they can realistically test different styles of art in their home, position it where they like and find the perfect frame. Without AR, replicating the same process would require a lot of guesswork – not always concluding in a positive experience and often leading to buyer hesitation and lost sales.

The advantages for visualising art with Augmented Reality are obvious. AR is a super engaging technology and it gives customers a gallery at their fingertips. Every empty wall in their home becomes a candidate for improvement and in today’s society where attention spans are low and competition is high, AR gives them a solution that is both fun and interactive.

To experience AR, customers download the Art Reality app to their mobile and scan their surroundings to pinpoint where the wall is. In a matter of seconds, their artwork will appear in front of them and they can position anywhere in their home. The experience is ultra-realistic, with accurate sizing and lighting, making it appear that the artwork is really in their home.

For galleries and artists, Augmented Reality represents a fantastic marketing and sales tool, helping them stay competitive in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Onboarding art is as simple as uploading a CSV file and allows them to add AR clever “View at Home” buttons on their website, with just a few lines of code. When customers want to purchase the art they have visualised in AR, they can easily tap a cart icon in the app and jump directly to the gallery’s website to complete their purchase.

Augmented Reality is a technology led by the largest companies in the world. From Apple and Google to Amazon and IKEA, businesses of all sizes are introducing it to improve their ecommerce strategies. When it comes to art, some of the world’s most prestigious art marketplaces are exploring and offering AR. Artists and galleries that implement AR, will  build a stronger digital presence moving forward and continue to benefit from increased customer purchase confidence. Most importantly, they will be demonstrating to their customers that they can provide a superior customer buying experience and differentiate themselves from other competitors in the field.

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