One of Art Reality’s best features is the ability to add Smart AR Buttons to any website. These allow customers to jump directly from your website to the AR Art experience, enhancing the art buying process. Once they view your art in AR, they can also press a cart button to jump back to your website to make a purchase or contact you.

Smart AR Buttons can be seamlessly integrated with any website product page, via a single line of code.  If a customer taps on the button on desktop, they also receive a clever message that reminds them to browse on their mobile for an AR experience.

Smart AR Buttons also ensure that customers stay within your gallery in the Art Reality app. They can visualise other artwork from your artists, but cannot jump to other galleries when they access your AR art via this method.

To get started with Smart AR Buttons, onboard your art to our platform or contact our team to setup an account.

Try some examples below to see how you can enhance your online gallery or marketplace with AR.

Inner Sea

Inner Sea

Serene Green

Serene Green

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