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A Better Way to Showcase Art

Art Reality was born out of a passion to create a better way for artists, art galleries and art retailers to showcase their artwork online to customers. Our core focus has been to utilise modern technology and bring art to more people, via a progressive and evolutionary digital solution.

The Art Reality team have spent many years creating the world’s most powerful Augmented Reality Art platform, testing it with industry leading retailers and art buyers. The combination of ultra-realistic art visualisation, ecommerce and seamless website integration, provides a new powerful sales tool for artists, galleries and retailers with an enhanced customer service – a win for both art sellers and buyers.

About Art Reality

About Art Reality

Merging Art & Augmented Reality

Art Reality extends beyond traditional art viewing and buying channels. It provides an interactive and engaging experience, allowing customers to try art in their home, just by using their mobile phone or tablet.

Our team’s extensive background in ecommerce, mobile architecture and innovation provides the perfect basis for merging art and Augmented Reality into a solution that will power online art sales into the future.

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